Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to make money with YouTuBe

How to make money with YouTuBe

First, sign up for purebits.net and get your file uploaded. PureBits is the site where you get paid. This is a pretty obvious step. Make sure your file is something that people want. I personally write PDF ebook guides (5-6 pages long) but I don't think the type of file actually matters. Upload it and get your Bitly link. I pretty much do 1 file per niche. 

Next, get some YouTube.com accounts if you don't have any. I get them on Fiverr. Don't try and get like 70 accounts for $5....go for the deals that are like 10 Manual Google PVA's for $5.

For full How to make money with YouTuBe clik on link below

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